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СineMotion 2011
alcore wrote in dalibude
CineMotion 2011Almost one year passed since our first pilot - "CineMotion 2010". Traveling through different countries, we made a symbolic circle around the Black Sea.

Our mode of transport was hitch-hiking, and we lodged in homes of kindly locals, or in tent. We love to meet new people, and enjoy the wonder and surprise that goes along with this experience.

We visited nearly a dozen neighboring countries with free screening of a selection of short films and animated films made by young Ukrainian directors.

And now travel even further - to Canada.

This year, in addition to the film shows we specially prepared also a music program.

Throughout the September we will wander the regions of Canada, screen our Ukrainian indie short films, play authentic Ukrainian music, singing old songs and teach adults and kids funny Ukrainian folk dances.

Some our favorite tracks you can listen here.


Let's help Ukrainian culture to grow!

We would be grateful for any aid and participation.


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