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The Wandering Film Society "Dali Bude"

New art project coming soon!
Thanks to all people who participated in our first pilot project "CineMotion 2010", who helped with the event organization issues or just came to the film screenings.

Of course, this is not the end!
"CineMotion 2011" coming soon!

New destination:  Canada.
Timeline: September 2011.

For now we are looking for:

  • People and Organizations who want to arrange screening at their location or just have connections with those who are interesting in our events.

  • Information partners, sponsors, patrons of the arts in Ukraine and Canada (we'll send sponsorship package upon request).

To be continued!

СineMotion 2011
CineMotion 2011Almost one year passed since our first pilot - "CineMotion 2010". Traveling through different countries, we made a symbolic circle around the Black Sea.

Our mode of transport was hitch-hiking, and we lodged in homes of kindly locals, or in tent. We love to meet new people, and enjoy the wonder and surprise that goes along with this experience.

We visited nearly a dozen neighboring countries with free screening of a selection of short films and animated films made by young Ukrainian directors.

And now travel even further - to Canada.

This year, in addition to the film shows we specially prepared also a music program.

Throughout the September we will wander the regions of Canada, screen our Ukrainian indie short films, play authentic Ukrainian music, singing old songs and teach adults and kids funny Ukrainian folk dances.

Some our favorite tracks you can listen here.


Let's help Ukrainian culture to grow!

We would be grateful for any aid and participation.

“СineMotion 2010″ successfully completed!

Dear friends,

we just returned home to Kiev, Ukraine!

So many things happened: 4 months, 8 countries, almost 9000 kilometers of roads, 10 screenings, but the most important – we have made so many friends, found lots of new ideas and got so many new experience this summer.

We thank so much individuals and organizations without whom our project has remained so to non-incarnate dream.


Here are the photos of the film screenings held in the framework of our pilot project “CineMotion 2010″ from June to September 2010:

Like the idea?

Do you want to be associated with the next project “CineMotion 2010″?

Then contact us right now!

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Four new wandering films

We just added new wandering films:

  • Vagabond Bruise(2008, Ukraine, 15 min., dir. Anton Petrusevich)

  • Going to Styopa (2009, Ukraine, 18 min., dir. Anton Petrusevich)

  • Hooligans (2007, Ukraine, 10 min., dir. Roman Synchuk

… and one animation:

  • Play for three actors (2004, Ukraine, 10 min., dir. Oleksandr Shmygun)

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Play for three actors

Play for three actorsTitle: Play for three actors

Year: 2004

Runtime: 10 min

Director: Oleksandr Shmygun

Life is Theater, and people are actors in it.

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HooligansTitle: Hooligans

Year: 2007

Runtime: 10 min

Director: Roman Synchuk

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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Going to Styopa

Going to StyopaTitle: Going to Styopa

Year: 2009

Runtime: 18 min

Director: Anton Petrusevich

Film about a teenager whose parents impose the road in life to the «planned finish», but he wants to stay himself. And who knows, who of them are right: always boring adults or teenager who does not yet know where he goes and when will come.

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Vagabond Bruise

Vagabond BruiseTitle: Vagabond Bruise

Year: 2008

Runtime: 15 min

Director: Anton Petrusevich

Film about a vagabond who imagines his life the way he wish, but once a competitor appears in his fantasy.

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New event | June 18 – screening in Sofia

New event:

June 18 in Bulgarian capital Sofia we will screen all wandering films in The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate (Центърът за култура и дебат “Червената къща”).

Final event details and time will be published a week before the show. Watch for events of the “CineMotion 2010″ project. Stay tuned!

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New wandering films

We just added new movies and animations:

  • Blonde dies twice (2004, Ukraine, 5 min., dir. Vera Yakovenko)

  • Doors (2008, Ukraine, 5 min., dir. Nikita Liskov)

  • Dreams (200, Ukraine, 3 min., dir. Olga Yurasova)

  • Happiness behind (2008, Ukraine, 3 min., dir. Anastasiia Liubchenko)

  • Law (2008, Ukraine, 28 min., dir. Vitaly Potrukh)

  • Malanka (2008, Ukraine, 3 min., dir. Sergey Melnichenko)

  • Moon (2008, Ukraine, 2 min., dir. Kateryna Chepyk)

  • Next (2003, Ukraine, 3 min., dir. Anatoliy Lavrenishyn)

  • The Parched Land (2004, Ukraine, 25 min., dir. Taras Tomenko)

  • The Shooting Gallery (2001, Ukraine, 10 min., dir. Taras Tomenko)

  • The Tragic Love for Unfaithful Nuska (2004, Ukraine, 20 min., dir. Taras Tkachenko)

  • Wandering between… (2005, Ukraine, 10 min., dir. Anatoliy Lavrenishyn)

You can review all of them together in the trailer here or review film details using film categories filtering widget on the right side.

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